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We love to recognize those educators who do beyond exceptional work in the field of Deeper Learning in the commonwealth.


Tina Stevenson

Tina Stevenson is the inaugural member of the UK Next Gen Hall of Fame. Tina was the founding director of STEAM Academy High School of Fayette County Public Schools in 2013 and served until her retirement in 2021. STEAM was a partnership effort between Fayette County and the UK College of Education with primary leadership provided by the Center.

During her time leading STEAM Academy, she opened the door for many innovations including the internship model, the early college, project-based learning, mastery grading expectations, Advisory, arts integration, and more. Tina’s core passion, though, that school should be a place that provides equitable opportunity by supporting most the students who most need the support. The combination of Next Gen practices and Equity of Opportunity practices was natural to STEAM and served as an early iteration of what has become The Next Gen 9.

Tina served as a school leader in Fayette County Public Schools for twenty years, previously leading Winburn Middle School.

Tina Stevenson Opening STEAM Academy