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Mission Statement

The UK Center for Next Generation Leadership is a powerful network of students, teachers, leaders, and communities committed to upgrading educational systems to reimagine the learner experience of every student.

As part of a national student-centered learning movement, implemented locally, we partner with schools and districts to redesign learning, teaching, leadership, and research to create and sustain innovation.

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Our Purpose

  • To upgrade education through innovation in learning, teaching, and leadership to deepen the learner experience for every student in the Commonwealth. As part of the learning systems upgrade, we value and create equitable learning opportunities for all students.

  • To cultivate a national network of students, teachers, leaders and communities engaged in professional learning, leadership development, collaboration, outreach, and research that creates and sustains innovation and authentic systems transformation. 

  • To transform the transition experience and equitable access to postsecondary learning through the development and implementation of an innovative early college model in partnership with networked high school teams.

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Our Core Team

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Our Theory of Action: Defining the Upgrade

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Student Agency, Empowerment, and Voice

High levels of student agency and empowerment where student leadership, voice, and choice abound.

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Equity of Opportunity

Systems that prioritize and redesign for equity of opportunity. This is accomplished by removing traditional barriers and assumptions while offering culturally relevant, inclusive, and holistically supportive models.

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Portrait of a Graduate

Clear and detailed community agreements around the broad outcomes to be achieved by ALL learners as defined by the Portrait of a Graduate.

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Performance Assessment Structures

Utilizing assessments for learning through performances, defenses, exhibitions, and other ways in which students can make public their work on the deeper learning tasks in which they engage.

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Deeper Learning Pedagogies

Deeper learning pedagogies steeped in inquiry, that ensure ALL students engage in authentic work, including “outside of the walls” learning experiences (i.e. internships, etc.) 

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Educator Agency, Empowerment, and Voice

Professional learning cultures where teachers are valued as lifelong learners, designers of student learning opportunities, and leaders of the overall learner experience.