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1 Year to Completion

ChangeMakers continuing education option runs July - May

EPSB Rank Change

Successful completers work with the UK College of Education to apply for EPSB rank change

10 Modules

Program consists of six core deeper learning bodules and four action research modules.

Program Overview

The University of Kentucky Center for Next Generation Leadership is pleased to announce our next steps towards enhancing deeper, more personalized learning across the state.

We are seeking teacher leaders as participants in our new Continuing Education Option (CEO) rank change pathway that combines the best of job-embedded, high-quality professional learning with the expertise of research-based Next Generation practices. 

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Join Us Next Cohort!

Lora Shields, ChangeMakers Director

*some districts may have specific arrangements with UK Next Gen regarding participation discounts to total program cost. Rank change is achieved after full completion of the program including a defense of learning.

Join Cohort #4!

Cohort 4 will begin in June 2024

In just one year, you can achieve rank change with a personalized support system for just $6,000.*

The UK Next Generation ChangeMakers is designed to support participants and teams as they experience, reflect, and grow professionally over the course of a great year of teaching and leading. 

If you are an employee of Jefferson County Public Schools, please fill out the survey at this link to show interest to your district.

OVEC district teachers
, please click here!

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2023-2024 Dates

June 25, 2023 - Cohort 3 Kickoff Event (In Person)

June 2023 - June2024 - Course Duration

June 14 - Cohort 3 Defense Celebration (In Person)

TBD 2024 - Cohort 3 Culmination Celebration (TBD)


Karen Cash shares her perspective on the ChangeMakers program